My name is Matt Miner, and I am a Fee-only, fiduciary advisor working with families to make sure the really important stuff happens. I work with an independent advisory firm in Raleigh called PLC Wealth Management.

In 2018, I was ready to leverage my love for personal finance and serving others in my daily work, and so I joined PLC Wealth Management, working with Josh Self and Mike Perkins. 

I am honored to help clients with their money questions – “How do I get started investing?” “How can I eliminate my student debt?” “I’m getting divorced, which is awful. How do I cope with the money part, too?” “We’re growing our family. What should we to think about?” “How can I get the taxing authorities out of my wallet – even just a little bit?”

I am blessed to do what I do and would love to help you with financial planning, wherever you are in your money journey.

In addition to my work as a Wealth Planner with PLC Wealth Management, I am CEO and principal of Design Independence where I share articles on life and money.  I have worked with companies of all sizes to achieve great results, as both an employee and consultant.  I also love coaching individuals in their job search, career development, and personal financial plans.

I've been honored to work with small and medium size businesses in a variety of industries which are looking for a fresh perspective on their challenges and opportunities.Additionally, I've had many opportunities to consult with students and families in the process of making plans to pursue grad school education.

At Design Independence I love to work with people and companies to achieve great results in life, money, and business.

As people, we do our best work when we love our work and do it because we want to - not because we have to pay the bills, make payroll, or satisfy our board.

My goal for every client is to create clarity about the current situation, develop a plan of action, and deploy processes that drive winning outcomes.  Wins - which everybody loves - create resources that can be used to let each of us do our best work.

In life, an ever-growing safety margin in your budget let's you take more risk and gain more joy in areas that are important to you.  In business, fewer problems and larger profits free up resources of attention and money to invest in your next project.

I earned my MBA in the full-time program at Duke's Fuqua School of Business in Durham.  My education there has been a tremendous foundation for my career as a consultant and employee.

I am very familiar with the trials of paying and repaying for an education of that type, and the commitment, focus, and frugality that are absolutely prerequisite to success, whether your chosen degree is MBA, JD, or MD.

And even that's not enough!  It is a fact: your desires and outlook will change from your twenties to your thirties and forties.  You must take action to preserve the highest level of flexibility possible so that you're not locked in to a particular path any more stringently than absolutely necessary.

I've been involved with the John Deere equipment business since 2008, with stints in marketing, production, product planning and sales.  From 2013 until 2018, I led the sales organization for a fourteen-store John Deere dealership in the southeast.  It is an honor to work with an excellent sales staff and wise, hard-working North Carolina producers.

In that role, we've developed a range of go-to-market strategies and new approaches for our business.  As different customers segments experience tough times or boom times in their industries, we've tailored our offerings and messages to meet them where they are, and to partner through good times and bad.

At Fuqua, I met some of the brightest, most humble, and most interesting people I've ever known.  Fuqua offered a tremendous opportunity grow in knowledge, relationships, and perspectives.  Of course, b-school at Fuqua also made a hasty breakfast of our nest egg and left us with an ugly (handsome?) six figure debt.  But we loved our time there and remain incredibly thankful for the opportunity we had to attend and to launch my "grown-up" career with such a stout foundation.

Prior to business school, I began my career working in Finance for Intel Corporation in Arizona where I had the opportunity to provide analysis and recommendations to fab general managers about budgets, planning, and capital expenditures for semiconductor tools.


Our Mission: Design independence in your life, money, and business