A letter to you + link to my interview on Radical Personal Finance

Dear Design Independence Reader,

Thank you for reading!  It’s so much more fun to write when people read, comment, and e-mail.  I am delighted you’re spending a few minutes with me.

I have my first scheduled phone call with a reader this evening, working together on opportunities to make the most of his current situation, while considering law school applications in the future.  I’m really looking forward to that call.

My goal in this series of grad-school posts is to organize what I’ve learned through my own experiences of planning for school, attending business school, getting a job, and paying back my loans.  My hope is that my experience would help you succeed in every way – copying me where I got some things right, and avoiding some of the areas where I drove the car into the ditch.

It’s fall 2016 and you’re likely considering applications for Early Decision deadlines coming up later this fall, and first round applications in winter.  You probably have a target list of schools you’ve developed from your research.

I’m working on four upcoming articles:

  1. How to target schools
  2. How to think about your application
  3. The MBA Application Timeline
  4. How to wind up your current life and get started on the next thing

I know a pile of you have been referred to my site from Joshua Sheats over at Radical Personal Finance.  If that’s where you found me, thank you for visiting!

If you found your way to Design Independence through some other route, here’s a link to the podcast interview with Joshua.  I enjoyed the conversation, and hope you do too.

More to come shortly!

Matt Miner